CIA planned to make demon toy of bin Laden, report says

During the mid-2000s, the CIA sought to undermine Usama bin Laden by creating an action figure of the Al Qaeda boss that morphed into a demon doll, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

The agency's hope was that the frightening transformation of the figure would turn those in the region where he was believed to be hiding, against him, especially children, the report said.

It is unclear how many action figures, called "Devil Eyes," were produced. One source told the paper hundreds were sent on a freighter in 2006 to Karachi, Pakistan. But the spy agency told the paper that "to our knowledge" only three were developed. The project was called off shortly after creation of the prototypes, and none were delivered, the agency said.

A former Hasbro executive who helped launch the iconic G.I. Joe figure, Donald Levine, helped develop the Bin Laden doll, the report said.

"Don Levine was a dedicated patriot, and proud Korean War veteran," a relative of Levine, who died in May at 86, told the Post. "When called on, he was honored to assist our country."

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