Libya's intelligence chief resigns, report cites 'dismay' over power struggle roiling nation

A Libyan lawmaker says the country's intelligence chief has resigned amid an intensifying power struggle between the Islamist-dominated parliament and a rival, interim government.

Mohammed al-Arisha says spy chief Salem al-Hassi submitted his resignation to the parliament on Thursday.

The al-Wasat news portal says al-Hassi resigned because he was frustrated with parliament's insisting on appointing a new prime minister in a contested vote.

Al-Hassi could not be reached to confirm the report.

The appointment of Premier Ahmed Maiteg by parliament last month added to Libya's crisis after incumbent premier, Abdullah Al-Thinni, refused to hand over his post, insisting the judiciary should resolve the issue.

The conflict over the post comes as rogue Gen. Khalifa Hifter is an offensive against Islamist militias.