Unilever removes advertising banners with extremist logo in Myanmar's strife-torn Rakhine

Consumer products giant Unilever was scrambling Monday to remove advertising banners from shops in western Myanmar that prominently displayed the symbol of the Buddhist extremist movement blamed for a wave of bloody attacks against minority Muslims.

Sher Mazari, external affairs director for the multinational, said the symbol was included without the company's knowledge. He says the company is against discrimination of any form.

Myanmar is a predominantly Buddhist nation of 60 million. It only recently emerged from a half-century of military rule and self-imposed isolation. 

Sectarian violence in Rakhine state in the country's west has killed up to 280 people and forced another 140,000 to flee their homes, most of them Rohingya Muslims. 

The large green banners, advertising Knorr products, appeared in the state capital, Sittwe.