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Damage caused by Balkans' epic floods may exceed damage from wars in the 90s


Turkeys move around a a car buried in mud and rubble after a landslide at the village of Topcic Polje, near the Bosnian town of Zenica, 90 kilometers north of Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Tuesday May 20, 2014. Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia have been hit by the worst flooding in more than 100 years, forcing half a million people out of their homes and leading to more than three dozen deaths. (AP Photo/Sulejman Omerbasic) (The Associated Press)

Receding floodwater in Bosnia and Serbia is revealing the next shock: recovery from the historic flood will cost billions of euros that neither of the countries has.

Officials in Bosnia say they fear the damage may exceed that caused by the entire 1992-95 war.

Both Bosnia and Serbia say they will need international help, and international experts will be touring the devastated areas as soon as the water goes down, to estimate the damage. EU and NATO officials are visiting Bosnia Wednesday.

The highest rainfall ever recorded in the Balkans led to devastating floods and landslides that displaced half a million people and killed more than 40.

It hit two of the poorest countries in Europe with unemployment rates up to 44 percent.