Argentines uncover huge femur; could set new record for biggest dinosaur species discovered

Scientists have uncovered huge bones in Argentina that could be from the largest dinosaur yet found.

Outside experts agree that this is a new species of titanosaur, at least as big as the Argentinosaurus, a plant-eating sauropod whose towering legs and long neck and tail currently set the record for length and weight.

Paleontologist Jose Luis Carballiro says the thigh bone is the longest of any vertebrate, at 7.9 feet (2.4 meters) long. He estimates the animal weighed around 176,000 pounds (80,000 kilograms).

Paleobiologist Paul Upchurch of University College London says he saw the bones first-hand, and that it's early to call it the largest dinosaur. But he says it's a new species and promises to be part of the most complete fossil yet of the super-giants.