Italian Bombshell Busted In Latin America-To-Europe Cocaine Deal May Have Had Ties To 'Peru 2'

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When people talk about model Samantha Scarlino’s bust, they probably aren’t talking about what’s in her bikini top anymore.

The 32-year-old Italian bombshell, who was arrested months ago at a Milan hotel “nose-deep” in a 1,100 pound Peruvian cocaine exchange, may have had ties to two British women – Melissa Reid and Michaella McCollum, known as the Peru 2 – who were caught smuggling $2.5 million worth of cocaine into South America after an Ibiza holiday last summer.

Italian police raided Scarlino’s luxury suite in November in connection to a drug ring transporting cocaine across the Atlantic and into the European drug market. Peruvian police chief Col. Jorge Meija said the stunning model was “seduced” by an international drug cartel by the promise of “tickets, luxury and power.” 

The Peruvian law enforcement said this week that Scarlino was involved in the same drug ring as two 20-year-old women currently serving six-year sentences inside the notorious Virgen De Fatima prison in Lima.

Meija told newspapers that drug traffickers use gorgeous, “siliconed” women to try and throw off Peruvian anti-drugs police.

“The drug cartels are capturing beauty queens to transport cocaine and dirty money,” he added.

Scarlino, a well-known beauty pageant contestant, TV personality and actress in her home region of Puglia, is accused of transporting several deliveries of cash from Italy to gang bosses in Peru. She is one of 22 arrested in connection with the drug ring and the purported 60-year old kingpin from Milan is now on the lam.

Prosecutors in Italy believe that the cocaine was destined for markets within the country as well as in Belgium, Holland, Spain and France.

Scarlino was a finalist in the Miss Italia competition in 1999, when she was just 17 years old. Asked why she wanted to be an actress, she told the judges that “what’s missing is a good film with a female protagonist.”

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