Greece averaged 14 protests per day since bailout, say police

Greece's Public Order Ministry says it has policed an average of 14 protests per day since the country's bailout four years ago, and defended its frequent use of tear gas at violent street rallies.

The ministry said it had policed 20,210 public protests across the country between May 8, 2010 and March 3, 2014, including 6,266 in greater Athens, according to a response to a question in parliament this month and emailed to The Associated Press on Friday.

The country's 240 billion euro ($332 billion) bailout by eurozone countries and the International Monetary came with harsh cost-cutting measures that prompted many of the rallies and 37 general strikes.

The ministry says Greece buys tear gas from the U.S., Israel, Britain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Brazil, the Czech Republic and others.