A charge of attempted murder against a nine-month-old baby was dropped Saturday during a court hearing, in a case that has heaped ridicule on Pakistan's creaking legal system.

As well as attempted murder, baby Musa was charged with obstructing a public official from doing official work, and attacking a public official who is doing his duty, said Irfan Tarar, a lawyer who represents the baby's family.

The family fled their home in the eastern town of Lahore after the charges, taking Musa into hiding. Earlier in the case, cameras showed a terrified Musa cry as he was fingerprinted and he made a court appearance sitting on his grandfather's lap, while drinking a bottle of milk, causing a media furor.

Tarar said the case highlighted the way that the police "really work".

In court Saturday, the police said that they don't want to arrest the baby, according to Tarar.

"The court has now ordered the police officer in charge of the investigation to explain why they wanted to arrest the baby in the first place, and under what law," said Tarar.

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