IRA militant charged with 29 murders in 1998 car bomb attack in Northern Ireland town of Omagh

An Irish Republican Army veteran has been charged with 29 murders of civilians in the 1998 car bomb attack on Omagh, the deadliest bombing of the entire Northern Ireland conflict.

The suspect, 43-year-old Seamus Daly, was arrested Monday in the border town of Newry and is expected to be arraigned in a Northern Ireland court Friday.

Authorities in both parts of Ireland have failed to successfully prosecute anybody for the Omagh blast. Most of the dead were children and women, including a mother 8 months pregnant with twins. A faction dubbed the Real IRA claimed responsibility.

Daly served a short prison sentence over a 2009 conviction for IRA membership. A civil court also found him legally liable for the bombing and ordered him to pay compensation, but he has refused.