Daylight saving time error eyed in bomber injury, report says

Irish police are investigating the theory that a bombing suspect last seen bloodied from an explosion Sunday night may have forgotten to put his watch forward for daylight saving time and "the timer went off too soon."

The Mirror reported that the suspect placed high-grade explosives under an SUV on a Dublin street. The blast was heard at about 11 p.m., and residents reportedly saw a man badly wounded and stumbling into a taxi. Police believe the bomb detonated in the suspect's face.

"It would appear the bomber got his timing wrong," a police source told the paper. "It could be the case where he didn't realize just how powerful the explosives would be."

Police said that it's more likely that the bomber failed to realize the power of the explosive that completely destroyed the Volvo SUV.

The suspect is believed to have suffered the only injury and police are appealing to the person to come forward.

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