Egypt: Clashes erupt between pro-Morsi students, police in Cairo, 3 other cities

Violent clashes have erupted in Cairo and three other Egyptian cities between police and university students loyal to the ousted Islamist president.

In Cairo, police and students from Ein Shams university fought pitched street battles for hours, with police using tear gas and the students pelting them with rocks. Police helicopters hovered above as the fighting continued.

In Assiut, some 400 kilometers (250 miles) south of the capital, some 45 people, including 15 schoolgirls and two policemen, were injured when police and university students clashed. Seven students were arrested.

Clashes also broke out Tuesday in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria and in Mansoura, north of Cairo.

Nearly daily violent clashes between Islamist students and police have been taking place since the military ousted Mohammed Morsi in July.