State media: Gunmen kill soldier in northern Lebanese city ensnared in Syria-related clashes

Lebanese state media say gunmen have killed a soldier in the northern city of Tripoli, which has been ensnared in Syria-related violence.

National News Agency says assailants opened fire on the vehicle of Butrous Baya early Friday, killing him instantly. The soldier was a member of Lebanon's so-called internal security force.

The attack comes a day after two attackers killed an officer, also in Tripoli.

Clashes linked to the Syrian civil war have killed more than two dozen people in Tripoli in recent days, prompting the Lebanese military to bring in reinforcements to try to quell the flareups.

Gunbattles frequently erupt between two rival neighborhoods, one dominated by Sunni Muslims who support Syrian rebels, and the other by Alawites, members of a Shiite sect. Syrian President Bashar Assad is Alawite.