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French Foreign Minister says Russia suspended from G-8

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March 5, 2014: French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius speaks to reporters after a meeting on the Ukraine crisis with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and other foreign ministers at the Quai d' Orsay in Paris. (AP Photo / Kevin Lamarque, pool)

France's foreign minister says that leaders of the Group of Eight world powers have suspended Russia's participation in the club amid tensions over Ukraine and Russia's incursion into Crimea.

The other seven members of the group had already suspended preparations for a G-8 summit that Russia is scheduled to host in June in Sochi.

France's Laurent Fabius went further Tuesday, saying on Europe-1 radio that "concerning the G-8 ... we decided to suspend Russia's participation, and it is envisaged that all the other countries, the seven leading countries, will unite without Russia."

Fabius did not give further details.

The U.S. and European Union on Tuesday announced new sanctions against Russia over its actions in the Crimean Peninsula.