Report: Clashes in Lebanese city linked to Syrian war leave 10 dead since last week

Lebanon's state-run news agency and activists says a new flare-up of violence in the northern city of Tripoli linked to Syria's civil war has left 10 dead in recent days.

NNA says the latest fatality was a soldier, killed when attackers fired on his armored vehicle with rocket-propelled grenades and small arms on Sunday.

His death brings the death toll to 10 since clashes erupted Thursday. Earlier, Lebanese media reported nine people were killed in the clashes.

The clashes pit Sunni gunmen from the neighborhood of Bab Tabbaneh who back Syria's Sunni-majority rebels against rivals from nearby Jabal Mohsen, dominated by the Alawite sect, also the faith of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Some Sunni gunmen have also attacked Lebanese soldiers, accusing them of loyalty to rival sectarian factions in Lebanon.