Libya says its forces seized disputed oil tanker; militia denies claim

Libyan officials say government forces have taken over a North Korean-flagged oil tanker docked at a terminal held by a regional militia, where it had been attempting to load oil. The militia denied the claim.

Adel al-Tarhouni of the Libyan Revolution Operations Room, a pro-government militia, said the ship's captain surrendered Monday evening. It had been surrounded by a pro-government flotilla, including fishing boats armed with mortars operated by militias, for two days.

Al-Sidra is one of Libya's main oil export terminals. It has been held for months by eastern fighters demanding more regional autonomy from Tripoli.

Essam al-Jahani, affiliated to the eastern militia, denied the government's claims. He said his group arrested some pro-government fighters.

Libya's central government has been weak since the 2011 overthrow of longtime dictator Moammar Gadhafi.