Syrian state media: Car bomb in central city of Hama kills at least 4 people

Syrian state media say a car bomb has exploded in the central city of Hama, killing at least four people.

The SANA news agency says an explosives-laden car was detonated remotely in an area on the southern edge of Hama on Thursday. It says at least 22 people were wounded in the attack.

The report did not say who was behind the blast and there was no immediate claim of responsibility.

Rebel groups, including those linked to al-Qaida, have frequently targeted government institutions and Syrian troops with car bombs and suicide attacks.

SANA also reported that government forces killed at least 10 rebels in clashes on the outskirts of Homs on Thursday. Homs is Syria's third largest city and has seen some of the heaviest fighting in the 3-year-old conflict.