Middle East

Iranian court reportedly approves sentence to have man's eye gouged out, ear, nose cut off

Iran's highest court approved a sentence of a man to have his eyes gouged out, and his right ear and nose cut off, the National Council of Resistance of Iran reported, citing the state-run Shraq. 

The man, only identified as Jamshid, was convicted last October of deliberately pouring acid on the face of a girl, Shirin, causing her to lose her eyes and one of her ears, the report said. 

Iranian judiciary officials reportedly have defended the sentence of cutting off hands and feet, the removal of a defendant's eye and stoning as part of law. 

The sentences have often prompted severe condemnation from human rights groups, International Business Times reported.

Recently, another condemned prisoner's hand and foot were ordered to be cut off, IB Times reported, citing local reports.

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