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Police: Former Dutch health minister found dead at home was likely a crime victim


In this photo taken Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014, Els Borst, front right, applauds after a speech from Alexander Pechtold, front left, during a D66 party congress in Amsterdam. Els Borst, a former health minister who drafted the Netherlands' 2002 law permitting euthanasia, has been found dead in her garage on Monday night, police said Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014. She was 81. Utrecht police spokesman Thomas Aling told state broadcaster NOS that police had not ruled out a natural cause of death, an accident or a crime, but had no reason to suspect a crime. She is survived by three children. (AP Photo/Jiri Buller) (The Associated Press)

Dutch police investigating the death of former health minister Els Borst — a key champion of euthanasia rights — say she was likely the victim of a crime.

Borst's body was found in her garage by friends on Monday evening.

In a statement, Utrecht police said her autopsy showed that the 81-year-old Borst had died of an injury.

They said "(That), in combination with investigation of the scene, show that it's most likely Ms. Borst died as the result of a crime."

Dutch police are investigating and have asked the public for information about who she may have seen lately.

Borst served as the Dutch health minister from 1994-2002. She oversaw the legalization of euthanasia in the Netherlands, a law that was strongly criticized by conservative and religious groups.