Somalia's president says killing of a senior al-Shabab member a blow to the Islamic rebels

Somalia's president says the killing of a militant in a U.S. drone strike Sunday is "another blow" to the Islamic rebels who continue to stage lethal attacks across the country.

The president's Twitter account posted late Sunday that Somalia's government is working with its partners to eliminate the al-Qaida-linked militants from Somalia. Abu Mohamed, an al-Shabab commander, gave the victim's name as Sahal Iskudhuq, who was believed to be a close friend of the group's spiritual leader.

Iskudhuq was killed Sunday when a missile hit his car in Somalia's Lower Shabelle region. Two U.S. military officials confirmed there was a missile strike against a senior al-Shabab leader.

Al-Shabab has been in decline in Somalia since being ousted from the capital, Mogadishu, by African Union forces in 2011.