C. African Republic interim leader says chaos 'over' after president's resignation

The interim leader of Central African Republic is vowing that the era of anarchy in the tumultuous country is now over.

Alexandre Ferdinand Nguendet heads the national council that will now select a new leader for the country by the end of next week.

On Monday, he urged police officers to return to duty, saying "the chaos is over."

It's a bold declaration from Nguendet just days after rebel leader-turned-president Michel Djotodia agreed to step down and went into exile in Benin.

Djotodia's fighters had launched a coup in March 2013, overthrowing the president and ushering in a period of unprecedented sectarian violence between Christians and Muslims.

More than 1,000 people were killed in December alone in waves of retaliatory violence and almost 1 million people fled their homes.