Residents of western Mexican town taken over vigilantes set trailers trucks ablaze in protest

Residents of a town in western Mexico have set fire to at least three trailer trucks to protest the arrival of more than 100 vigilantes to their community.

The burning trucks blocked roads leading to Paracuaro in Michoacan state on Thursday before being removed by federal police and soldiers.

The "self-defense" group arrived in pickup trucks and SUVs and set up a checkpoint at the entrance to Paracuaro, a town of artisans and lime farmers. They disarmed some police officers on suspicion they were working with drug traffickers. An unidentified man was killed in a gunbattle after the vigilantes seized the town Saturday.

Townspeople say they oppose the vigilantes because they are forcing young men to join them.

Vigilante groups have formed in parts of Michoacan to fight drug cartels.