Argentine President Cristina Fernandez says she's going to deepen her government's left-leaning economic program.

Fernandez spoke Wednesday in her first official act after six weeks of rest following head surgery.

Fernandez remade her Cabinet this week. Her appointments suggest she'll tighten her grip on the economy rather than end interventionist policies or work to curb Argentina's high inflation and dwindling foreign reserves.

Her pick for economy minister is Axel Kiciloff. The fiery, unorthodox economist pushed for Argentina's uncompensated seizure of Repsol's controlling, $10 billion stake in the state YPF oil company.

Speaking at a swearing-in ceremony for new ministers, she also said that Argentina will recover its energy sovereignty, but is willing to make alliances for resource exploration.

Argentina has the world's third-largest deposits of shale oil and gas.