Uganda arrests peacekeepers who once served in Somalia over alleged theft of gas, rations

A Ugandan military spokesman says at least 40 Ugandan soldiers previously deployed as peacekeepers in Somalia have been arrested over for allegedly stealing fuel and other supplies from the international mission.

Lt. Col. Paddy Ankunda said Tuesday that the soldiers now under investigation include an army brigadier who once held a position near the top of the African Union mission known as AMISOM.

The seriousness of the corruption allegations underscores the limitations of Ugandan-led African forces as they try to keep al-Qaida-linked militants at bay.

Ugandan soldiers are said to covet the Somalia mission because it offers better pay than what they get in Uganda.

Angelo Izama, a Ugandan analyst who runs a think tank on regional security, said some Ugandan troops see the Somalia assignment as an "income-generating expedition."