Greek police arrest 3 in Gypsy community over suspected baby abduction

Police on an island in eastern Greece say they have arrested three people at a gypsy camp on suspicions of child abduction, just days after another case in a different part of the country sparked an international investigation.

Police say the suspects allegedly tried to register a 2-month-old boy as their own, but raised suspicions because they lacked sufficient documentation.

Regional police chief Panagiotis Kordonouris says the 19-year-old woman, her 21-year-old companion and his 51-year-old mother were arrested Wednesday at a Roma settlement outside the island capital of Mytilini.

Kordonouris told the Associated Press they told police an unknown Roma woman gave them the baby in Athens.

Last week, a Roma couple in the mainland town of Farsala was charged with abducting a blue-eyed, blond girl known as "Maria" found living with them.

An international investigation has since been launched to figure out the girl's true identity.

Interpol said in a statement released Tuesday that "Maria's" profile did not find a connection in its global DNA database of missing persons.

But Lisa Irwin, a Kansas City baby who disappeared in 2011, is among the candidates considered by authorities to be a match for “Maria,” the attorney for the missing girl’s family told on Tuesday.

Also on Tuesday, a blond child, around 7 years old, was taken into care in Ireland after authorities raided a Roma camp near Dublin, Sky News reported .

Irish police then took another child away from a Gypsy family overnight in Athlone, Ireland, according to The Guardian. DNA samples were taken from the 2-year-old boy and his parents. The boy was handed back to the family on Wednesday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.