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Cheerleading squad issued $140 ticket for performing on street before game

A Canadian cheerleading squad has reportedly been labeled as a “nuisance” by police, who slapped the group with a $140 fine for performing on the side of the road while heading to their school’s homecoming football game.

Western University Mustangs head coach David-Lee Tracey told the Toronto Star that the school’s cheerleading team stopped on a street in London, Ont., on Saturday ahead of the game against Queen University to perform a cheer for students wearing Western’s purple colors.

Three male cheerleaders began throwing a female teammate into the air before a police officer interrupted, handing head cheerleader Max Gow a ticket, Tracey said.

The ticket was a $140 fine, with an explanation that read “Causing a nuisance in the street by conducting a cheerleading performance,” according to the Toronto Star.

Tracey said the cheerleading squad was performing in a parking lane and called the ticket “absolute insanity.”

The team plans to challenge the ticket. London police could not be reached for comment.

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