Myanmar's Suu Kyi warns that next election cannot be fair unless constitution made democratic

Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has sharpened her criticism of her country's incomplete transition to democracy, saying the next general election in 2015 cannot be fair unless the army-imposed constitution is amended.

Suu Kyi spoke to reporters Friday at a ceremony marking the 25th anniversary of the founding of her National League for Democracy party. She said an unfair election would have consequences, but did not elaborate.

Her party considers the constitution undemocratic because of clauses giving the military a substantial percentage of parliamentary seats and disqualifying Suu Kyi from running for president.

The NLD boycotted the 2010 election as undemocratic, but ran in by-elections in 2012 after changes were made in election laws. It won 43 of the 45 seats it contested in both houses of parliament.