French police arrested a member of the armed Basque separatist movement ETA wanted by Spain, a Spanish security source said Thursday.

Joseba Segurola Mayoz was arrested in central France on a Spanish extradition warrant, the Spanish official told AFP by telephone.

"The gendarmes detained him in the Bourgogne region. There was a warrant to extradite him to Spain," said the source, who asked not to be named.

Spanish news agencies said Segurola was aged 57 or 58 and had already served jail time in France. They said he was wanted by Spain for a shooting attack there in 1991.

ETA is blamed for the deaths of 829 people in a four-decade campaign of shootings and bombings for an independent homeland in northern Spain and southern France.

Many of its leaders have been arrested over recent years.

In October 2011 it declared a "definitive end to armed activity" but it has not formally disarmed nor disbanded as the Spanish and French governments demand.