Libya to move Gadhafi's son to Tripoli, setting stage for trial over murder, other charges

Libya's prosecutor general says Seif al-Islam Gadhafi, the only son of the former dictator in custody in the country, will be moved to Tripoli to join 37 former regime members in a pre-trial session over charges of murder and crimes committed during 2011 civil war.

Abdel-Qader Radwan told reporters that Gadhafi's son will be facing an "indictment chamber" Thursday at Tripoli Criminal Court along with former spy chief Abdullah al-Senoussi and other defendants. He said Wednesday that the hearing will not be open to public.

Amnesty International has urged authorities to "immediately hand" Gadhafi's son and al-Senoussi to the International Criminal Court where they are wanted on charges of crimes against humanity. Amnesty official Hassiba Hadj Sahrahoui said Wednesday that a trial in Libya "today will not serve justice."