UN says Iraq plans to move remaining Iranian exiles out of Camp Ashraf, where 52 were killed

The United Nations says Iraqi authorities are planning to relocate the remaining residents of a camp housing dozens of Iranian exiles where 52 people were killed last week.

The U.N. mission in Baghdad said Saturday that Iraq has served an order to transfer the residents from Camp Ashraf to a Baghdad-area facility and believes the government will enforce the order soon.

Deputy U.N. envoy Gyorgy Busztin called on all parties to act responsibly and called for a peaceful relocation process.

Iraqi officials could not be reached for comment.

Iraq has long wanted to evict members of the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq dissident group from Camp Ashraf. The group opposes Iran's clerical regime and was granted sanctuary inside Iraq by Saddam Hussein. Shootings at the camp Sunday left fewer than 50 residents left.