In Uganda, a Rwandan exile sought by his government goes missing, another almost taken

Ugandan officials say that one Rwandan refugee is missing and another was almost taken from Uganda's capital in a case highlighting Rwanda's uneasy relationship with exiles who fled the country.

Douglas Asiimwe, a Ugandan government refugee protection official, said Thursday that Rwandan refugee Innocent Kalisa, who was once under the protection of the United Nations refugee program, has likely been abducted. Asiimwe said a second refugee, Joel Mutabazi, was almost sent back to Rwanda before refugee officials intervened.

The two refugees once served on Rwandan President Paul Kagame's security detail.

Karen Ringuette, a spokeswoman for UNCHR in Uganda, said Mutabazi's case was one of some "very serious security incidents" involving refugees in Uganda. She said UNCHR would soon send a protest letter to Uganda's government over Mutabazi's case.