Liberia's President Sirleaf marks decade of peace at church massacre site

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf celebrated a decade of peace by attending a prayer service held at the scene of one of the worst massacres recorded during the country's 14-year civil war.

The service at St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Monrovia on Sunday marked the 10-year anniversary of a peace accord signed in Accra, Ghana.

About 250,000 lives were lost during 14 years of on-and-off fighting that devastated the West African nation's infrastructure and institutions.

In July 1990, fighters supporting then-President Samuel Doe slaughtered hundreds of Liberians who gathered at St. Peter's church. Because of their ethnicity they were suspected of backing a faction headed by Prince Johnson, now a senator.

Following Sunday's service, Sirleaf sent a mass text message urging Liberians to "strengthen our bonds and prosper together."