NATO helicopter mistakenly kills 4 Afghan troops, officials say

Afghan officials say a NATO helicopter mistakenly killed four Afghan troops in the east while a Taliban ambush left an official and three other people dead in the country's south.

Spokesman Ahmad Zia Abdulzai says a NATO helicopter called in as air support following an attack on an Afghan checkpoint in eastern Nangarhar province's Bati Kot district accidentally killed four Afghan troops Wednesday night.

A NATO spokesman, Sgt. Bryan Gatewod says the incident is under investigation.

In southern Uruzgan province, spokesman Farid Ayel says the Taliban ambushed local education official Hadi Khan, killing him, his two sons and a bodyguard on Wednesday afternoon.

In northwestern Faryab province, Governor Ahmadullha Batash says a roadside mine exploded on Thursday, killing two policemen and a prosecutor, and wounding seven people in Bilchiragh district.