NKorea threatens to reinstall troops at shuttered inter-Korean factory park

Pyongyang has threatened to reposition troops at a stalled inter-Korean factory park at a North Korean border town.

It's a warning Pyongyang has made before and is seen by analysts as an effort to pressure Seoul to quickly agree to reopen a park that provided badly-needed hard currency to Pyongyang before it was shuttered in April amid tension.

Media pool reports say North Koreans issued the warning directly to South Korean reporters after closed-door talks between the Koreas on Thursday. The talks came as North Korea held ceremonies ahead of Saturday's 60th anniversary of the Korean War's end.

Seoul wants guarantees Pyongyang won't unilaterally close the Kaesong park again.

The reports said without elaboration that brief scuffles erupted as Seoul officials tried to stop North Koreans from talking to journalists.

Pyongyang stationed soldiers at Kaesong before the park's 2004 open