Gang Tattoo Inked Across The Stomach Of An Abandoned Pit Bull

Petey the Tattoed Puppy- Found covered in gang tattoos and tethered to a pole.

Petey the Tattoed Puppy- Found covered in gang tattoos and tethered to a pole.  (

The first time a Southern California woman laid eyes on “Petey The Pit Bull” a month ago, the dog had been abandoned at a doughnut shop and tied to a pole.

"He was crying," Randy, a volunteer with ROMP animal rescue, told the Los Angeles Daily News of Petey’s condition when the woman found him. "She saw him and she called the police and they said they would call animal control. Neither one ever showed up."

The woman gave the dog over to ROMP Rescue, a San Fernando Valley-based group that rescues dogs, because she was unable to keep him.

But before doing so, she took him to the veterinarian for a checkup. The doctor discovered that not only was his tail broken, he also had fleas, worms and an ear infection. But it was Randy who made the most horrifying discovery – that the name of a Los Angeles-area gang had been tattooed across the 46-pound-dog’s underbelly.

Randy, who did not want his last name published out of fear of the gang members who once owned the dog, was “speechless” as towhy they would do that. The pain involved is obviously more than any puppy should have to endure."

"I went and got an electric razor and I shaved off his belly and that's when I discovered the tattoo," Randy said. "I couldn't believe it. I had never seen anything like that."

Randy, who named “Petey” himself because he thought he looked like the pet from the comedy "Our Gang," is now hoping one day the pit bull can find a good home. He has even set up a donation site for the canine.

However, right now, Randy said, "he's afraid of the world."

One of Randy’s co-workers, named Claudia, who also did not want to have her last name published, could not fathom the pain the dog must have gone through.

"Hopefully, he was sedated or something," she said. "That's what I'm hoping for. Tattoos are really, really painful. And it would have been a really terrible experience for him."

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