George Zimmerman Makes Public Appearance, Helps Rescues Car Crash Victims

Four days after he was acquitted of second-degree and manslaughter charges following a headline-making trial, George Zimmerman appeared for the first time in public.

It wasn’t as a scheduled speaker at an event, nor at an organized press conference.

This was a rather unexpected cameo.

Zimmerman, 29, helped rescue a family of four from an overturned SUV last week, according to the Seminole County Sheriff's Department.

His brother, Robert  Zimmerman, Jr., confirmed it was his brother that helped the family, but he declined further comment.

The Sheriff’s department said it responded to the single-car accident in Sanford, about one mile away from the site where Zimmerman last year shot and killed African-American teen, Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman claimed all along that he killed Martin in self-defense, and a jury of six women agreed.

The crash took place on Wednesday, when a Seminole County deputy sheriff arrived on the scene. The deputy said Zimmerman and another motorist "had already helped assist the family by getting them out of" the blue Ford explorer that had ran off the Sanford road near a highway exit ramp.

A spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Department told Fox News Latino that no one was hurt in the accident, noting that Zimmerman was actually not a witness to the crash.

Zimmerman left after "making contact" with the responding deputy.

The spokeswoman also said Zimmerman had not been traveling with the other Good Samaritan, but that both had stopped to help the family of four — the parents and their two children.

Sanford Police said the department delivered boxes of evidence Monday from their Zimmerman case investigation — including his gun — to the Department of Justice.

Justice investigators are looking into potential civil rights violations against Zimmerman. National African-American leaders like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are backing a push by Martin’s family to investigate Zimmerman further as a way to give their son justice.

Serafin Gomez is a White House Producer for FOX News Channel, who also covered the 2016 election as a Special Events & Politics producer and former special campaign correspondent for Fox News Latino. Fin formerly worked as the Miami Bureau Producer for Fox News Channel where he covered Florida Politics & Latin America. Follow him on Twitter: @Finnygo