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California man allegedly tried to smuggle $128G in his socks across Mexico border

Federal agents say a California man tried to hide $128,547 in his socks while crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, but was busted when marijuana was found inside his car.

A court complaint filed Tuesday charged Antonio Antonio Rakigjija, 51, with bulk cash smuggling, The Smoking Gun reports.

Authorities say Rakigjija was a passenger in his son’s car on June 5 when he was questioned by a Customs and Border Protection agent at the San Ysidro, Calif., point of entry.

Rakigjija’s son, Franco, said they were in Mexico to conduct business for his father’s agriculture business and both men twice denied that they had any items from Mexico that needed to be declared, according to court statements.

But when an agent found a glass jar with marijuana inside a jacket in the back of a car, Rakigjija was frisked and a huge wad of cash was found in his socks, The Smoking Gun reports.

Rakigjija claimed he was going to tell agents about the cash but was “distracted” by the marijuana bust.

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