The prime minister of Quebec said during a visit to Mexico on Friday that she talked with Mexican authorities about the case of a Canadian man who went missing three months ago in the north of the country.

Relatives of Marc Menard, 44, say they lost trace of the Quebec native on March 14, and that authorities told them he was attacked on that day by two men in Nuevo Laredo, a city bordering Texas.

Menard's dog and his minivan were found in late April in Nuevo Laredo, which has been plagued by violence amid a turf war between drug cartels.

Quebec premier Pauline Marois, who has led a trade delegation in Mexico since Tuesday, told reporters she discussed Menard's case with Foreign Minister Jose Antonio Meade. She met with President Enrique Pena Nieto on Thursday.

Marois said she wanted to "offer any help" and take "all useful steps" in the case, but did not provide further details.

Relatives of Menard hope Marois can make the investigation move forward, said Marie-Josee, a person close to Menard who asked that her last name not be published.

She said Mexican authorities have not provided any updates since May 13.

"We greatly regret that the (Canadian federal) government has not put pressure on the Mexican government," she said.

Nuevo Laredo police told the family that a man detained on March 15 was linked to the theft of Menard's minivan and that his alleged accomplice had fled.