Samsung Electronic's Galaxy S4, the company's new flagship phone, has overtaken Apple's iPhone 5 as the best-selling smartphone on the market in the United States in May.

According to a survey by U.S. Canaccord Genuity, an investment research firm, the Galaxy S4 was the top phone in three of the top four major carriers -Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint- last month. The iPhone 5 did remain the best-selling smartphone at AT&T, where the Galaxy S4 trailed.

The strong sales of the Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2, helped Samsung Electronics overtake Apple in sales last month.

“We believe Samsung on the strength of strong Galaxy S4, S III, and Note II sales surpassed Apple to gain top share of the U.S. smartphone market for the first time since the iPhone 5 launch,” said Michael Walkley, the Canaccord Genuity analyst who conducted the survey, to the New York Times Bits blog.

The blog does note, however, that the survey does not include Apple's retail stores where many iPhones are sold.

While this seems to have been a big victory for Samsung, a report Tuesday from Internet analytics company comScore suggests Apple still holds the top spot in the smartphone market overall — at least for now.

Apple accounted for 39.2 percent of the U.S. smartphone market during a three month period, ending in April. That is the company's highest share yet.

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