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No injuries reported after part of Russian airliner catches fire, news agencies report


May 18, 2013: Passengers leave a Boeing 737 belonging to Russian carrier UTair in Vnukovo airport, Russia. Emergency officials said the landing gear of a plane carrying more then 130 people caught on fire as it was landing. All passengers and crew members were safely evacuated. (AP)

Part of an airliner carrying more than 130 people caught fire as it was landing in Moscow, and passengers evacuated the plane by jumping off one of its wings and shooting down an evacuation slide.

The Emergencies Ministry says none of the passengers and crew members were injured by the fire on the landing gear of the Boeing 737 at Vnukovo Airport on Saturday.

A ministry statement said the plane belonging to Russian carrier UTair (YOOT-air) was flying to Moscow from the southern city of Stavropol.

The ministry said it was carrying 136 passengers and six crew members, but Russian news agencies quoted the airline as saying there were 129 passengers.