Escaped Colombian Convict Becomes Woman, But Still Gets Caught

Perhaps he was just tuning in with his feminine side. 

A Colombian criminal who escaped from jail and underwent plastic surgery, got a boob job and cross-dressed as a woman – all for the sake of not being sent back to the slammer, the New York Daily News is reporting. Apparently though, the ruse didn't work -- he still got caught.

The tabloid said Giovanni Rebolledo, who was sentenced in 2012 to 60 years in jail for kidnapping, robbery and extortion, went under the knife to transform into his altered ego, “Rosalinda.”

She decided to become a working girl in the Viejo Prado neighborhood in the northern coast state and singer Shakira’s hometown of Barranquilla.

But on Saturday, authorities still recognized Rebolledo. He was arrested on the spot, according to press reports.

Colombia's El Tiempo said Rebolledo was sent to prison last year partly because of his involvement with the Los Topos gang, which is known for using women to torture and rob wealthy men. 

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