Spanish Village Has Baby Boom – First Baby Born In 45 Years

Campamento Vrtice en La Morita - Nuevo Len, Mxico

Campamento Vrtice en La Morita - Nuevo Len, Mxico  (cc 2009)

For nearly 45 years, there had not been a baby born in a small village in Spain.

So it came as a huge surprise – and drew much excitement – when a young couple who recently moved to the mostly elderly area had a baby.

The first-time parents were the first ones to give birth in Los Giles, which has a population of about 60, since 1968.

Everyone’s really pleased — this is a celebration.

- A village resident

The sudden baby boom in the village, in the province of Almería, came after the couple, only identified as Beatriz and Iker, moved to the town to be closer to the baby’s maternal grandparents.

Spain reportedly has one of the lowest fertility rates in the world, with 1.4 children per couple.

There was much hoopla in the town after the birth of the baby three weeks ago.

“Everyone’s really pleased — this is a celebration,” one of the village’s residents, told UPI.

According to the news service, baby Ainara has been held by nearly all of the village's residents. Neighbors stop by the family’s house nearly every day.

Clearly the couple won’t have any problems finding a babysitter.

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