HACR: Advancing Hispanic Inclusion in Corporate America

There is a significant gap between Hispanic economic contributions to corporate America and our presence in the leadership of corporate America.  

The Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) is trying to narrow that gap by increasing Hispanic inclusion in corporate America in four areas: Employment (more jobs), procurement (more contracts), philanthropy (more funding) and governance (more board seats).  HACR’s efforts are highlighted in the “Insider Game” videos.

Each year, HACR brings together a few hundred of the top Hispanics in corporate America including early to mid-career leaders, senior executives, and board members of Fortune 1000 companies.  The annual event series, which took place in Houston this year and will be in San Jose next year, is an intense multi-day series of speakers, panels, roundtables and networking opportunities – all focused on advancing Hispanics in corporate America.

Even though I’ve participated in HACR for over a decade, it’s challenging to convey the experience of being among some the best, brightest, and most powerful Hispanics in America. This series of programs was one of the best HACR has done of the past dozen years because of the quality of the people, the quality of the venue and the quality of the programs.

The quality of the people was world-class.  Beginning with HACR President & CEO Carlos Orta and HACR Executive Director Jesus Maldonado Reyes, the HACR team did a terrific job all around.  They worked extremely hard to ensure that the execution of the conference was flawless and that the experience was impactful.  The quality of the attendees was impressive.  So was the level of talent, skill, knowledge, and experience.

The quality of the programs was high.  These are a couple of examples of four days of high-quality programming. The HACR CEO Roundtable, which was moderated by Telemundo Anchor Norma Garcia, featured 90 minutes of candid conversation with John Miller of Denny’s Corporation; James Murren of MGM Resorts International; and Emilio Romano of Telemundo.

The C-Suite Roundtable Parts I and II featured the sharing of the amazing wisdom by senior executives with decades of experience in corporate America, including Mary Falvey, EVP & Chief HR Officer of Wyndham Worldwide; Jodee Kozlak, EVP of HR, Target Corporation; J.C. Gonzalez-Mendez, SVP of McDonald’s; Jose Luis Prado, President Quaker Foods of North America; and Stephen Yslas, the former General Counsel of Northrop Grumman.

HACR gives people the opportunity to connect with top Hispanic leaders to form and deepen relationships to help one another advance. This is a critical element of the HACR experience and a pivotal factor in the advancement of Hispanics in corporate America.  

In reality, the predominant way that top leadership roles are filled is through personal relationships and word of mouth. 

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Pablo Schneider is CEO of The Wider Net and a Special Advisor to AP Capital Holdings.

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