Venezuela’s New Sports Minister Posed Nude for Magazine

Newly elected Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro has reshuffled his Cabinet, putting allies of late president Hugo Chavez in positions to tackle pressing problems, including widespread power outages and double-digit inflation.

But the new sports minister is the one who has people talking. 

Alejandra Benítez has the country abuzz, not just because of her stunning looks but because of her latest photo shoot for Venezuelan daily Sunday magazine, Ultima Noticias.

Benítez, who is a fencer and competed in the 2004, 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics representing Venezuela, is seen only holding a fencing sword to cover her breasts and a helmet to cover her lower region.

In the photo, Benítez’s curvy and toned body is out for all to see – except the covered parts – which leave little to the imagination.

The government's sports ministry provides financial support to national sports programs. 

Other new cabinet members which Maduro has chosen include Jesse Chacon, who now is in charge of government initiatives aimed at upgrading Venezuela's power grid, which has been plagued with problems stemming from lack of investment and maintenance.

Maduro also announced late Sunday that Nelson Merentes, who had served as president of the central bank, would take the helm at the finance ministry.

Merentes will face the daunting task of reducing inflation, which reached topped 20 percent last year.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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