Norway's leaders threaten boycott of Ryanair after ex-employee complains about work conditions

Several Norwegian leaders are threatening to boycott Ryanair because of a labor dispute between the Ireland-based budget airline and a former employee who lives in Norway.

The ex-employee, an Italian, is threatening to sue the airline over allegedly poor working conditions she says fail to meet Norway's standards.

Ryanair chief Michael O'Leary denies any wrongdoing, saying its working conditions conform to the applicable Irish and European Union labor laws.

Norwegian Foreign Minister Espen Bart Eide was quoted by the Klassekampen leftist daily Friday as saying that he won't fly on Ryanair again until the labor issues are resolved.

Other politicians, including the prime minister, have recently made similar comments.

Ryanair has a reputation as one of Europe's most litigation-prone companies, pursuing several cases and facing lawsuits from customers and employees.