Havana bar Sloppy Joe's back with cool cocktails, messy sandwiches, after 48-year absence

It's happy hour again at Sloppy Joe's, one of Cuba's most iconic bars.

Joe's reopened Friday after a nearly 50-year hiatus and is sure to quickly become a must-see for tourists eager to drink in the flavor of Havana's freewheeling past.

Waiters in black and orange shirts and ties shook up round after round of the Sloppy Joe cocktail — a cool blend of brandy, port and Cointreau with a fruity finish.

Historic pictures lining the walls are a keen reminder of how Sloppy Joe's was one of the most popular places among American tourists who made Havana their playground as far back as the Prohibition Era. One photo shows Ernest Hemingway, Noel Coward and Sir Alec Guinness when the latter was in town to film "Our Man In Havana."