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The Mideast

A look at major bombings in Syria since the country's uprising began in March 2011

A list of some of the major bombings in Syria since the uprising against President Bashar Assad's regime began in March 2011:

— April 8: A car bomb explodes in a busy residential and commercial district in central Damascus, killing at least 15 people and causing heavy damage to the area, a Syrian government official said.

— Feb. 21: A car bomb explodes at a security checkpoint near the headquarters of the ruling Baath party in the heart of the Syrian capital, Damascus, killing at least 53 people, according to Syrian state media.

— Jan. 16: Three car bombings in the northern city of Idlib kill 22 people. State media said attackers targeted a major highway and traffic circle; anti-regime activists say the bombers targeted security vehicles near the local security headquarters.

— Jan. 15: Twin blasts rip through a university campus in the northern city of Aleppo, killing more than 80 people, mostly students, in the government-controlled part of the city.

— Dec.12, 2012: A car bomb targets the Interior Ministry in Damascus, killing several people and wounding more than 20, including the interior minister.

— July 18, 2012: A blast at the Syrian national security building in Damascus during a meeting of Cabinet ministers kills the defense minister and his deputy, who was Assad's brother-in-law, and wounds the interior minister. Rebels claim responsibility for the blast.

— May 10, 2012: Twin suicide car bombers blow themselves up outside a military intelligence building in Damascus, killing at least 55 people.

— April 27, 2012: Suicide bomber in Damascus kills at least nine people, most of them security officers.

— March 17, 2012: Blasts kill at least 27 people near the intelligence and security buildings in the capital.

— Feb. 10, 2012: Two suicide car bombers hit security compounds in Aleppo, killing 28 people.

— Jan. 6, 2012: Blast at an intersection in Damascus kills 25 people, many of them policemen.

— Dec. 23, 2011: Back-to-back car bombs near Syria's intelligence agencies kill at least 44 in the first major attack in the capital seven months after the uprising erupted.