Venezuela's opposition: High-ranking officers endorse Nicolas Maduro in violation of the law

The campaign of Venezuela's opposition presidential candidate has lodged a formal protest, claiming that several high-ranking military officers are illegally endorsing ruling party candidate Nicolas Maduro.

Opposition lawmaker Alfonso Marquina presented a complaint to Venezuela's elections council on Wednesday. Marquina says he wants the council to sanction those in the nonpartisan military who endorse Maduro.

Maduro's campaign has denied any violation of the law.

On Tuesday, Maduro warned that groups he didn't name were plotting to divide the armed forces before the election. He did not offer details.

Maduro has been acting president since President Hugo Chavez died of cancer on March 5.

Maduro and Henrique Capriles are waging an intense campaign in this oil-rich nation ahead of the April 14 vote.