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Saudi man reportedly faces paralysis in eye-for-an-eye sentence

A Saudi man who stabbed his best friend, causing his paralysis 10 years ago has reportedly been sentenced to being fully paralyzed himself if he can’t come up with roughly $266,000 to pay the victim.

Ali Al-Khawahir was 14 years old when he stabbed his friend in the backbone, causing permanent paralyzation, according to a report in the Saudi Gazette. Originally the victim requested 2 million Saudi Riyal — more than half a million U.S. dollars — but later reduced the amount to 1 million.

Supporters organized a fundraising campaign for Ali, who has been imprisoned for 10 years.  

Ali’s 60-year-old mother has been suffering over her son’s incarceration, according to the Saudi Gazette, and has begged people to offer money to save him from the eye-for-an-eye punishment.

“Ten years have passed with hundreds of sleepless nights. My hair has become grey at a young age because of my son’s problem. I have been frightened to death whenever I think about my son’s fate and that he will have to be paralyzed,” Ali’s mother said.

Ali’s mother says she’s sorry for the victim and says he deserves millions in compensation but she is poor and doesn’t have the large sum.

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