Kenya Supreme Court upholds presidential election results; validates Uhuru Kenyatta's victory

Kenya's Supreme Court says the results of the country's March 4 presidential election are valid and that Uhuru Kenyatta has won.

Saturday's verdict — following a drawn-out court case that riveted the nation — means that Kenyatta will be sworn in as president early next month.

Kenyatta will become the second sitting president in Africa to face charges at the International Criminal Court. He and Deputy President-elect William Ruto both face charges related to having helped orchestrate the 2007-08 postelection violence. Both deny the charges. Ruto's trial is set to begin in late May; Kenyatta's is to start in July. Kenyatta has promised to report to The Hague.

Lawyers for challenger Raila Odinga argued before the Supreme Court that the election was marred by irregularities.