Japanese man charged with trying to kill coworker by leaving poison in her shoes

Japanese police have charged an alleged stalker with attempted murder after they say he tried to kill his victim by putting poison in her shoes.

The man’s alleged target — a woman in her 40s — is still alive but had to undergo partial toe amputations after suffering gangrene from the poison, according to a report in the Japan Times. Police said the gangrene infected her left foot, requiring the amputation of the tips of all five left toes.

Tatsujiro Fukasawa, 40, and the victim were colleagues.

Fukasawa allegedly put hydrofluoric acid -- a dangerous chemical -- in her shoes on Dec. 5, at their workplace in the city of Shizuoka.

Police suspect he took the chemical — which is used to dissolve rock or refine oil — from their workplace, where he was in charge of storing it.

The woman didn’t know her shoes were poisoned but went to a hospital when she started to feel pain in her feet. The hospital then alerted police.

Investigators say the woman turned Fukasawa down when he asked her on a date. He denies the charges.

Hydrofluoric acid can be absorbed through the skin into the blood and can lead to possible systemic failure.

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